SCoins The Grand Faucet

Bitcoin is really a magical currency. You might be thinking why is it so?Bitcoin is the first decentralised digital cryptocurrency which was released in october 2008 to a cryptography mailing list by an unidentified person. It's a open source software. The system is peer to peer and the transactions take place directly between the users. In a laymans words it cannot be traced by any government officials, banks or any agencies. Bitcoin is stored in digital wallets. Only the user who knows the password can unlock the wallet. There are two types of wallets. Online Wallet Downloadable Wallet Online wallet is nothing but you can store the bitcoins online.There are many online wallets available. Coinbase is one among them. Downloadable wallet is a software that can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile. Most users prefer this type of wallet because its under users control. If you dont have a wallet get it fast and happily claim the Faucet SCOINS

Balance: 811827 satoshi

30 satoshi every 1 minutes.


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